Who is eligible

Farmers with land in Middlesex, Oxford or Perth Counties, the Cities of London or Stratford, or the Town of St. Marys may apply for funding.

Step 1

Submit an Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) to the local Peer Review Committee. If you already have a peer reviewed EFP for your farm, go to Step 2. Projects may be carried out prior to completing the EFP, but an EFP must be completed and peer reviewed before any payments are forwarded.

The information in your EFP is confidential and will not be shared with anyone from CWP. The farm plan will help you assess the environmental strengths of your farm, identify areas of environmental concern and set realistic goals to improve conditions according to your timetable. CWP may be able to help you achieve some of your goals.  Environmental Farm Plan contacts

Step 2

Once your Environmental Farm Plan is reviewed and approved, contact your local Conservation Authority to help apply for and plan your project. The map shows the area each Conservation Authority is looking after. Conservation Authority contacts

A committee will evaluate your project’s potential to improve and safeguard water quality. You can proceed with your project once it has been approved by the committee. You will receive payment for the project after satisfactory completion and inspection by staff.

How to Apply

To apply for project funding, download the appropriate application form (Word file or PDF), fill it in, and send it to your local Conservation Authority.

  • Clean Water Diversion – Word file or PDF
  • Erosion Control Structures – Word file or PDF
  • Fragile Land Retirement – Word file or PDF
  • Livestock Access Restriction to Watercourse – Word file or PDF
  • Milkhouse/Milk Parlour Washwater Treatment and Disposal – Word file or PDF
  • Nutrient Management Plans, Wellhead Protection, Decommissioning Unused Wells, and Fertilizer, Chemical and Fuel Storage or Handling – Word file or PDF
  • Septic Systems – Word file or PDF
  • OXFORD COUNTY – Woodlands/Wetlands Conservation/Enhancement – Word file or PDF